Our Vision

Our solid vision at DVK Lumber Inc. is to achieve market leadership by consistently exceeding our customers' expectations; providing them with the ultimate, customized, solutions to their lumber needs.

To realize this vision, DVK Lumber Inc. is committed to creating an ideal working environment for our employees. DVK believes that employee satisfaction and quality of service are inextricably intertwined. Striving to achieve, and exceed, expectations for satisfaction is our company culture rather than a business obligation.

With tens of thousands of hectares of woodland at our disposal DVK Lumber Inc. has the potential to satisfy customer's demands for wood product from a wide range of tree species that grow in the regions of Eastern Ontario and Western Quebec.

We strictly adhere to the national and International rules governing forest exploitation.

Canadian Forest Sustainability

Canada's rate of deforestation is virtually 0.02%. Canada is one of the few countries in the world with more than 31 million hectares of protected forest. About 75% of Canada's protected forests and wooded lands are considered restricted and no resource extraction is permitted on them.

Only half of Canada's forestlands are managed for commercial use and less than 1% is harvested annually. All harvested areas must be reforested, by law. Though natural regeneration accounts for 85% of Canada's reforestation, Canada plants over 500 000 000 trees annually. Because of this effort almost 90% of Canadian forest remains intact.

DVK Lumber inc believes that the true sustainability of wood consumption can only be guaranteed by choosing wood from forests managed for sustainability. Choose DVK lumber and you will be rejuvenating the forest while consuming its product.

With our dedication to accommodate the diverse needs of our clients, we can custom-cut products to customer's unique specifications. Our associated mill facilities are all located within a day's drive to one of the biggest North American seaports in Montreal, Quebec.

With our, around-the-clock, access to transportation, and savvy forwarders, it takes no time to effect shipment once production is complete. (The mode of shipment will be as/per the agreement made between DVK and the client.)